23/10/15–30/10/15 Evening study update

On all the scheduled nights the evening session was dedicated to traderkarl activity.


14/10/15 Wednesday Evening VBA and stats

I made a decision to dedicate the evening session to my AFL code which I felt was more urgent.. I feel I have some momentum there that I need to capitalise on. So I did some extra work on the traderkarl record.

A separate entry exists there to reflect the extra work in  addition to today’s hometrip.

I will discuss with (J) whether the evening VBA session can be converted into a AB AFL session until the Amibroker template is done.

Apart from that I pulled the stats book out and sifted through more of the excel examples in Chapter 2.  It seems my efforts here are a bit diluted.
Chapter2 week 4 of 3.